Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fashion Communication

Fashion is undoubtedly one of the biggest communicators in our world. It reaches many different audiences from conformists to non-conformists, as well as rich aristocracy to street culture.
Fashion should be respected as the beautifully creative, expressive industry that it is. However, spanning out on a global scale, it doesn't really hold much significance. At times it is frustrating to hear about cuffs or collars. It can seem fantastically futile. Luxurious designs and specific styling that convey a message are easy to appreciate, but it simply isn't the be all and end all. There are many more developments happening around us which effect our lives and the world that we live in.
The captivating aspect of fashion is the variation of audience to which it appeals. A thirty page fashion editorial ran alongside an article about Isreali and Palestinian conflict in this months Dazed and Confused. There is something refreshing about the contrast of these subjects and the mixture of people who will be consuming them, possibly in the same sitting.
Designers such as Hussein Chalayan, admired for his strong morals imparted through individual designs, are a perfect example of mass communication through fashion.
The most important way of approaching fashion, to me, is by using (or abusing), it as a megaphone to reach even the most hard hearing of us all.

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